Minutes of previous board meetings


6:10PM - Call to order

6:30 – All voted to accept last year’s minutes.

6:35 – Reviewed financials.

6:40 – Reviewed Common area maintenance issues. Need to review homeowners’ responsibilities and will follow up with mailing.

6:45 – Discussed long-term fence financing to cover state mandated maintenance of HOA capital assets.

6:52 – Discussed selling property at end of Deer Valley. Will require an HOA vote to approve sale. The hope is the sale will offset the funds to set aside for fence maintenance.

7:00 – Disbanded subcommittee formed 2017 of volunteers to generate a fire-free safety plan for the common areas. No actions resulted.

7:10 – Discussed strategies for weed whacking common areas. Due to the reasonable cost to perform weed whacking by our new vendor we will adopt the strategy of knocking down cheat grass early in the season before germination and probably at the end of summer. The hope is if it is caught before germination that a) future growth can be mitigated and b) possibly switching to a chemical treatment of a pre-emergent compound.

7:30 – Nomination of board officers. Rod Jacobson was added to board as member at large. Rest of the board members were retained. Vote was unanimous of attendees.

7:35 – Discussed having board inquire into having HOA accountants manage HOA.

7:38 – Adjourned.

To do:

Send out HOA financials.

Send out letter encouraging adjacent homeowners to help maintain common areas.

Investigate possibility of HOA dismantling. (Note: Preliminary finding show this would be a complicated process)

Contact group home owner requesting cigarette butt disposal bins be installed at home and request residents cease disposal on commons.

Since meeting:

Fence issues have been repaired. Looking for two missing caps.


Pinebrook Homeowners Association

Proposed annual meeting minutes 2018

Time: 9 to 10:30 AM October 13,2018

Location: New Hope Church, coffee corner.

1. Call to Order./ Please sign the meeting attendee list |e-mails appreciated.

2. Read/review Minutes From 2017 Annual Meeting.

3. Treasurer’s Report. [last statement: August 2018.] Sept/Oct. being prepared. Will be

on line. Can send out when e-mails comes in on request.

4. Old Business:

a) Announced current plan is to increase dues 6% per year for at least the next five

years. Implemented. – 10-13-18: All present agreed to the discussion

b) Can present the latest spreadsheet. 10-13-18: Presented with no comment

from HOA present members.

c) 2017 Floor vote for restarting flier for meeting announcements knowing that

additional costs will be incurred. Implemented -sporadically. 10-13-18:

Following group discussion no comments and Nick will continue with flyers.

d) Possible sale of a common at the end of Deer Valley being

investigated. Time line will be several years. 10-13-18: Following

group discussion HOA will continue with acquiring property sale

proposals and inform the HOA of outcomes.

e) Caryn Greef & Chuck & Marlene Brown volunteered to get a firefree safety

plan for common areas together. Subcommittee subsequently formed to also

include Christine & Roland Pasibe. Board did not follow up with committee; no

feedback from committee to board;. Still viable? 10-13-18: This item is

pending follow up.

f) Board member Frans Hager did not check with city regarding deterioration of

Pinebrook Blvd. Next board members to follow up.- Still concern. 10-13-18:

This item is pending follow up.

g) Actions taken last year; 4 commons violations followed up & resolved.

Commons clearing only partially completed due to conflict with contractor.

Recent follow up with new group has been fairly successful. Need inputs from

residents if more areas need follow up. Look at map & point out. 10-13-18:

These items are resolved.

5. Common areas ; please keep clean. We have found a more reliable/affordable option

for maintenance in 2019. Please report any issues to the board via the website, action

will be taken as soon as possible. Plan is to do it late in summer so only 1 pass will be

required. 10-13-18: Frans noted item resolved per hiring of new group at a

reasonable price.

6. Nomination of officers – presently the board is: Frans Hager; President \ Bill Brower;

Vice president\ Mike Rodgers; Secretary\ Danny McGuire; Treasurer. Member at

large; Nick Cerveny will no longer be on the board. Nominations &/or volunteers

from the floor are welcome. Voting will be conducted at the meeting. 10-13-18:

Frans noted Nick will be leaving the board. At this time the HOA approve no

new nominations at this time.

7. New Business:

a) Jake, off Hitching Post, noted that the City of Bend is

requiring new sidewalks in front of residences if tenant

improvements are filed for any permit within 600 lineal feet

of existing City sidewalks. Following group discussion two

members will follow up if any exclusion are possible to this

City of Bend requirement.



2017 Pinebrook Homeowners Association meeting

Monday, October 23, 2017 held at New Hope Church

Board members present:
Frans Hager and William Brower

Count was taken at open. HOA members: 12 lots represented

Call to order.

Announced board member Tyra Voll needed to resign from board due to family moving.

Explained 2016 tax liability and tax liability from the 2016 financials.

Discussed options of funding the fence and sign replacement fund.

Discussed possibility of higher yield investments for money currently in reserve.

Discussed possible incentives to people who maintain their common areas to help mitigate common area maintenance costs.

Discussed possibility of dues increase for fund firefree common areas.

Discussed posting scans of revised common area maps online.

Tasked Bill with updating email lists. (Completed)

Tasked Bill with website hosting and domain billing. (Completed)

Floor vote for restarting flier for meeting announcements knowing that additional costs will be incurred. Vote was seconded - approved.

Announced current plan is to increase dues 6% per year for at least the next five years.

Caryn Greef volunteered to look into helping addressing old sewer project liens on some properties.

Discussed 30 year fence replacement options. Floor vote on preference (if it is an option) on the 30 year fence fund. Motion put forth from the floor of the preference of maintaining or replacing parts of the fence as necessary. Vote was seconded - approved.

Task to distribute next quarterly meeting fliers in January or February 2018. To be assigned.

Discussed current common encroachment issues. Letters have been sent and board is awaiting replies. Asked attendees to notify board as they see common area issues arise.

Need to arrange a consult to establish proper ways of implementing fines of HOA covenant violations.

Discussed possibly setting up a system to ensure new property owners know the HOA rules and regulations.

During next flier distribution include a reminder that until further notice there will be no HOA paid debris removal.

Caryn Greef and Chuck & Marlene Brown volunteered to get a firefree safety plan for common areas together. Subcommittee subsequently formed to also include Christine & Roland Pasibe.

Floor opened for election of board members. Frans Hager and William Brower nominated to resume board duties. Vote was seconded - approved. Danny McGuire, Nicholas Cerveny and Mike Rodgers volunteered to join board. Floor voted, seconded - approved. Duties to be assigned later.


Discussed pitch moth concerns for common areas and private properties.

Discussion will be addressed by fire - safety committee.

Bill tasked with contacting SW Bend HOA to see if they have anything regarding pitch moth issues. (Emailed Pam - they are not experiencing similar issues)

Frans tasked with checking into petitioning the city of Bend regarding deterioration of Pinebrook Blvd.

Nick looking into establishing a community Facebook page. (Completed at https://www.facebook.com/groups/425258051205763/ )

Meeting adjourned 8:05 PM.


2016 Pinebrook Homeowners Association meeting

December 3rd 2016, 10AM held at New Hope Church

Board members present:
Frans Hager, Tyra Voll, Nancy Lind, Bill Brower

Count was taken at open. 17 plots were initially represented and at least an additional 3 more joined shortly after the start.

Treasure’s Report was distributed and a line by line accounting was explained.

It was pointed out that yard debris removal at HOA expense was not intended to be a yearly event and since it is a considerable expense it will be addressed later on how often the debris removal will happen in the future.

Explained why road snow removal is an expense. Justification, this neighborhood and its side streets are a low priority and occasionally the HOA steps in and pays for snow removal.

Explained the high tax cost was a onetime event due HOA receiving a second ODOT pay out.

Explained the legal fees associated with encroachment issues on HOA land from some property owners.

Explained why dues increase was needed:

Common area maintenance costs are expected to increase because we do not know how much longer our current vendor will be available at his currently low rate of charge for services.

Looking into pre-germination spraying of common areas as an alternative. (Caryn).

Explained need for a ‘fence reserve’ as a state mandated reserve for long term care, maintenance and possible replacement of current HOA owned fence.

The board recently became aware of this requirement and will learn more regarding this requirement Tuesday December 6th.

Explained ‘no trespassing’ signs posted in the south side commons. Transients always being an on-again, off-again issue.

Explained necessity of keeping adjacent common areas clean and safe adjacent to homeowner’s properties.

Chuck and Caryn are looking into dead and dying tree issues for both the common areas and to help homeowner’s with their private trees.

Distributed the HOA website address and explained the hopes of it being a future point of communication to and from residents.

Discussed Knapweed and noxious plant eradication.

Caryn volunteered to look deeper into this.

Reviewed 2016 accomplishments: Tree Trimming, Gate Installed, Debris Removal

Nomination of officers. From the floor it was put forth to keep the current board members. From the floor there were no nominations of any other PBHOA residents.

Verbal vote positive for retaining current board and there were no verbal votes in decent of keeping current board members.

Meeting was adjourned at about 12:00 pm.


2015 Pinebrook Homeowners Association meeting

Oct. 10th, 2015, 9AM held at Westside Church

Board members present:
Burt Lauray, Bill Brower, Franz Hager, Tyra Voll

Start time: 9AM sharp

- Intro of attendees (both board and homeowners)

- Minutes from last meeting-­‐ voted to review online posting instead of reading.

- What we accomplished this last year:

  • $192,000 for both north & south fence (to mitigate some road noise & provide privacy for homeowners)
  • Common property clean up (hired a tree trimmer $1,000 to trim trees and fell a couple that were a danger to owners)
  • Fire free debris cleanup program
  • Painted neighborhood sign
  • Bus shelter torn down due to rot and unsafe structurally

- Common property cleaned up through tree trimming and fire free debris program

- Reconstruction of some common property damaged on the north side of property. Very minimal damage was caused by storing materials for North fence installation. There will be and aprox. 5 ft path of a gravel product donated by Casey Roats to go West to East about ½ the distance of the north fence.

- Sidewalk, originally intended to go from the ending of the church sidewalk heading west to Hitching Post lane, however due to the fact that the homeowner who lives where the sidewalk ends would have to maintain all snow-­‐removal the entire length, the board has put that option to rest.

- Fire Free Debris clean-­‐up typically runs $5,000-­‐$7,000 depending on the scale of the project.

- Presentation by: Ken Dietz -­‐RE: SW Neighborhood Association. There are 13 neighborhood association districts. The SW neighborhood Assoc. extends from Powers Rd (North border) to River (East border), City limits (the South border), and 3rd st (East border). The group meets twice a year the 4th Thursday of April and October at Pine Ridge Elementary School at 7pm. No requirements to join the association. It is primarily funded by the city. It provides and opportunity to get info to the city council about issues that are occurring around the district. They provide trash clean-­‐up, snow removal for seasonal shut-­‐ins, bake sales & fundraisers. At the next meeting topics such as bus shelters, art roundabout, detour and speed signs. This association was chartered Dec. 5th, 2001 Questions contact: Mike Lovely, southwestbendna.org

- Concerns with the Pinebrook/Brookswood Right turn (possible dedicated right turn lane) contact Terry Pistole at O.D.O.T. , she was in charge of the Murphy project.

- Nancy Lind wants to join the board. Lives on Rough Rider

- Questions/Concerns-­

‐ South Fence extension Aprox. 40ft at a diagonal, look into the cost and possibility to install more fencing. Near the Richardson and Santaguida property. Also on the South end of the neighborhood, but on the West end of Pinebrook, possible fence put up on common property.

- Vote to keep the same board members with the inclusion of Nancy Lind -  Adjournment 9:38



2014 Pinebrook Homeowners Association meeting

October 11, 2014; New Hope Church on Pinebrook Blvd., Bend OR

I) Call to Order 9AM

II) Motion to skip reading of 2013 meeting minutes; a 2nd was made and all present voted YEA

III) Jackson Dunham presented the treasurer’s report.  Net present value is ~$113k .

IIIa) Question about reason for such a high balance addressed by Burt Lauray and further discussion about expenditures;

  1. The south fence and north fencing project {discussed Agenda item 8 details, done here}
  2. The primary work on the south boundary fence has been completed, except a gap that is intended to preserve a tree - special posts needed; on order, will be completed soon.
  3. The work on the north boundary fence has been suspended for a short time due to illnesses to the work crew; goal is to complete work by end October.
  4. A few audience members had concerns about some aspects of the southern fence; the board promised to investigate & work with the contractor to assure we had any concerns addressed; the contractor & manufacturer have a warranty on the fence & installation work performed.
  5. Sign painting; thanks from audience.
  6. Bus Shelter removal; more thanks from audience.
  7. Commons clearing - Burt explained what was done and we need feedback if any issues seen
  8. Future expenditures on sidewalk awaiting completion of the fencing project- discuss later
  9. Some funds will likely be set aside as a reserve emergency fund

IV) Murphy road project update. Informed the gathering of the status of phase 1 and explain phase 2 bids are going out this fall. Phase 1 is scheduled for completion at the end of 2014.

V) Sidewalk project discussed in more detail: Explained why the delay in construction; reviewed the probable loss of BendBroadBand cable related services for some short time in the future when BendBroadBand will move their main junction at the east end of the neighborhood. Costs expected to be ~$20k.

VI) Reviewed the need for homeowners to respect the common property.  Do not dump refuse. Keep the commons clean of garbage. No structures or permanent recreational items to be kept on the commons. Question regarding the trimming of grass on the commons about cost & timing. Clarified that the commons grass trimming is performed at least once per summer, if possible at a time when the grass is at it’s highest to minimize having to perform a 2nd trim @ more cost. Rent- a- goat to trim the grass was discussed. Board will look at cost & practicality.

VII) Spring yard debris pickup will cost ~$6400, if we time it correctly @ the time of free dumping for FIRE FREE program at the Deschutes County Dump.

VIII) Items discussed from the attendees

1. Concerns about the amount of garbage being found on Pinebrook Blvd by many in attendance - all are cleaning up. Most likely from people passing from & to highway 97 & Brookswood-. Can we stop that; unlikely, any actions: not at this time.

2. Request to all homeowners to clean the front areas near you home. To be included in the meeting minutes to the homeowners.

3. Issues with homeless people at the south east end of the neighbor hood continue. Tyra recommends that all homeowners contact the police & explain clearly where the transients are causing issues and they will respond.


IX) Election of HOA Board members:  Burt Lauray moved that the present board be reinstated. A 2nd came from the floor and all present voted YEA, no NAH votes heard. The current board has been reinstated. The Board presently is Burt Lauray- President; Frans Hager- Vice president; Jackson Dunham- Treasurer; Bill Brower & Tyra Voll board members at large.

X) Move to adjourn 2nd, approved. Meeting was adjourned at 9:56.   



2013 Pinebrook Homeowners Association meeting


Pinebrook Homeowner's Association

Annual Meeting - 2013

October 12, 2013 - 9:00am

Board Attendance - Burt Lauray, William Brower, Jackson Dunham, Tyra Voll Home Owner Attendance - 15


1) Call to order - completed.

2) Read Minutes from 2012 Annual Meeting – waived after seconded vote.

3) Treasure’s Report – presented by JD. 4) Murphy Road Crossing Update – ODOT Speakers

    a. Deer Valley paving completed. Minor detail work left. ODOT appreciated our patience and help. b. Phase One - Hwy 97 at PINEBROOK signal upgraded. Signal at Hwy 97 at 3rd St will be closed near the end of October 2013 after the intersection of PINEBROOK and 3rd St is upgraded. Main detour Hwy 97 NB to 3rd St will be Badger Rd, but PINEBROOK east of Hwy 97 will see increased traffic. PINEBROOK will be this configuration for approximately two years. Phase One includes Murphy Road realignment east of 3rd St, 3rd St and Murphy Road roundabout, Murphy Road bridge over Hwy 97, Hwy 97 NB off-ramp onto 3rd St, Hwy 97 SB on-ramp from 3rd St.

    c. Second Phase bids summer 2014, start that fall. This includes Murphy Road extension along south side of Pinebrook neighborhood and the BROOKSWOOD roundabout. Finish around end of 2016. d. There is a plan for an eventual frontage road parallel to Hwy 97. This is not funded and will be done depending on the area traffic demands in the future. Note for Phase One Romaine Village access to Hwy 97 will be cut off. Romaine Village will be using BROOKSWOOD and PINEBROOK to Hwy 97 access. e. ODOT Site:http://www.us97andmurphyroad.org (This will open a new window) f. Murphy Road west of Hwy 97 is planned to be Xeriscape. It will be low to no maintenance or irrigation. >g. The sewer right-of-way for the Deer Valley connection I believe will be paved and the ends will be blocked in such a way to only allow bike and pedestrian traffic.

5) Common Areas Clean – Burt reiterated the need to keep common areas clean. 6) PINEBROOK HOA Improvement Projects presented. Included previous board member meeting ideas and opened floor to ideas. Stated two years to invest else be hit with high tax rate.
    < id="page2" name="page2">a. Southside fencing presented. b. Walkway area. c. Sidewalks.
      i. Presented that with sidewalks comes responsibility to keep them clear of snow. ii. According to ODOT plans a sidewalk will be built from Fircrest to BROOKSWOOD.
    d. Sewer connects for additional Deer Valley residents. e. RV / Trailer Area. f. Keeping cash on hand at taxed rate for HOA reserves. g. Hire a general contractor for project(s). h. PINEBROOK sign refurbish or replace at east end. Possibly construct sign at west end. i. Fire Free funding. Was mentioned by Burt it would cost the neighborhood $5000 to have it done by current contractor.
7) PINEBROOK HOA Improvement suggestions from floor. (Note: No ideas were presented to HOA board via US Mail as described in the PINEBROOK HOA Annual Meeting flier.)
    a. Private Park on east side property.  [Floor] b. Check into Grant Writer for sidewalk funding. [Floor] c. Add a PINEBROOK sign at west end of street.  [Floor]
8) Nomination of Officers from the Floor.
    a. The following people were unanimously voted ‘aye’ from the floor, no opposed: Burt Lauray, Frans Hagar, Lindsey Clark, Tyra Voll, William Brower
9. Meeting adjourned. William Brower Cc:  BL, FH, LC, TV




Annual meeting – 2009


Where:  New Hope Church

When:   Saturday, October 24, 2009

Time:   9:00am

Proposed Agenda

Call to Order

Minutes from Last Year’s Meeting

Treasurer’s Report

Murphy Road Realignment

Update on Sewers

Fencing of Property

Keeping Common Property Clean

Other Items brought up from the floor




Annual Meeting Minutes – Oct. 25, 2008


Call to order – 10:07 AM; 17 were present.  Frans Hager announced the names of the board members

Minutes from 2007 Annual Meeting - The reading was dispensed with

Treasurer’s Report - We have approximately $13,658.49

Murphy Crossing

  • Lower priority than Juniper Ridge
  • Mark Reid requested to put sound mitigation in for the most affected house by Murphy Crossing
  • Rumor indicates that the city will build “dog bone” circle at the west end of Pinebrook
  • Accessing Pine Ridge School will be difficult for the kids.
  • Lorrie Dunivin will lose much property; she needs sound abatement.
  • She is concerned about the deer habitat



  • Dan Graber doesn’t respond and Frans’ emails bounce
  • The city is still working on easements on the north side
  • The approval process will require a vote if the cost is 10% more than the original estimate


Fencing on Common Property

  • We can’t put a fence on the easement because it will restrict access for sewer maintenance
  • People from the north subdivision drive through the private property
  • We will check out the conditions and talk to the church regarding a common solution for outsiders’ access.
  • The church has some dead trees and need to be cut
  • Kristie Putschler volunteered for the fence committee.  Last year’s members are still on the committee.  They are:


    • David & Nadine Kenney
    • Marlene Brown
    • Dean Hager
    • Mike Bagley
    • Jackson Durham
    • Rolf Armstrong

Keeping Common Property Clean

  • Problems still exist
  • Not much action has been taken by residents
  • We may lien specific properties
  • Barbara Dvorak addressed dead trees and limbs behind her house


Cell Phone Tower

  • The proposed site is the eastern portion of Roats property on our NW corner
  • It is still a proposal
  • The board has requested camouflage for the tower


Encroachment on common property

  • We will enforce the property lines according to our CC&Rs
  • Some desire to “take” our common property


Other Topics

  • A neighbor announced that two bikes were stolen from his garage; he urged us to play it safe and watch our properties in our neighborhood

Let’s all be aware of our neighbors’ property for the safety for all.

  • The two half circles at the west end of Pinebrook should be landscaped.  Reider Peterson who lives there will get an estimate for low maintenance and low cost improvement.

Nomination of Officers

The existing slate of officers will remain the same

Meeting adjourned at 11:35 AM




No data



Annual Meeting Minutes - 2006

October 14, and October 18, 2006

These are the combined minutes of both meetings.

October 14th  meeting started at 10:00 am and the October 18th  started at xxx
xx homeowners were present at both meeting.

Reading of the minutes from 2005 was dispensed with in each meeting.

Burt Lauray reported that Pinebrook HOA has $14,300.

Murphy Crossing




Sale of Common Property


Other topics covered

Keep our common property clean
Visual pollution – any rules?

Election of Officers



Respectively Submitted,
Burton A. Lauray, Secretary




Annual Meeting Minutes - 2005

October 5, and October 15, 2005


These are the combined minutes of both meetings.

October 5th  meeting started at 7:05 pm and the October 15th  started at 2:05 pm

43 homeowners were present at both meeting.

Reading of the minutes from 2004 was dispensed with in each meeting.

Treasurer’s report is not yet available but will be sent to homeowners with a copy of these minutes

Murphy Crossing

80 acres south of Pinebrook
Maps were displayed
      Explained some of the proposed layout
      Some Pinebrook common property appears to be taken by the development
The proposal allows our input
Pinebrook will have no direct access to parkway


Estimate of cost is $15,000 plus connection costs
The percent of acreage determines if the project goes ahead
Currently, there are 36 yes votes and 29 no votes
We can back out later when the exact cost is known
Engineers will look at all the options including using our common areas
Our first vote was tossed out – why, we don’t know completely
The city can rebid the sewer installation if the bids come in too high – Larkwood did that
The whole job is $1.3 million
Andy Lindsey will propose to the Council to form the LID in November
To use common areas will require paved access to manholes
They assume the entire trench will be rock

Sale of Common Property

The property was described on a map
The original reason common property was established was discussed
Some reasons to sell vs. not to sell were discussed
How the money would be used was discussed
Will not sell the small strips but only the four parcels

Other topics covered

Pinebrook has the authority to call police for vagrants on property east of us
Jerry Watson suggested that we get an updated letter of approval from James Douglas.
Keep our common property clean
Visual pollution – any rules?
Craftsmen are OK in our subdivision
Signs advertising a home business are not OK
Decided to establish a committee to investigate feasibility of changes to our CC&Rs for more  authority to keep Pinebrook economically strong
Bert Milsnes and Joann Sieber volunteered
A homeowner suggested donating a strip of common property for a bike path to maintain
      a buffer on the south side.
Finishing Pinebrook Blvd sidewalks
Speed signs are not effective
City only has $25,000 a year for these kind of improvements
A homeowner and Vice President Rolf Armstrong called Debra Hogan regarding additional improvements.
Pinebrook may be closed in about 5 years; the advent of Winco will trigger this closing.
Why do we have association dues:
Clearing fire hazards from common areas
Snow removal when the City responds slowly
Installed some sidewalks on Pinebrook Blvd.
Legal costs to protect our common areas
There are no homeless on our own property

Election of Officers

Jackson Dunham volunteered for the board


Respectively Submitted,
Burton A. Lauray, Secretary




Annual Meeting Minutes - 2004


October 27, 2004


Meeting started at 1:08 pm

31 homeowners were present

President, Frans Hager, dispensed with the reading of the minutes from 2003.

Andy Lindsey, City of Bend, was present to address the sewer LID process questions.  The following information was addressed:

Sewer costs will be $10-$12,000,
Hook-up fee is additional $1,100,
On site work may be another $2,000,
There is no financial help,
Pinebrook can say “no” to sewers until the day construction begins,
More firm costs will be known after engineering is completed,
Homes within 100 feet of sewer must hook up,
Common areas may work for sewer but may not allow good access,
They will asphalt overlay after sewer work is done,
Monthly cost for operations is $24,
Work should be completed by summer 2005,
Financing the sewer to property line will be at 6.5% for 10 yrs with semiannual payments,
Sewer costs can be deferred for seniors making less than $34,000 per year,
Each property pays the same amount,
51% is not the number of property but is the land space,
Vacant lots could be subdivided after sewer is in,

Petitions for the LID will be mailed to homeowners.

Sue, John’s wife, wants to know the number of failed systems.

Mike Lovely, President of SW Neighborhood Assoc, offered to share his experience of their septic/sewer activities in Romaine Village.

Jerry Watson addressed keeping common areas clean and what kind of improvements are not and are allowed.

Homeowner addressed a neighbor’s pine needle mess that is a fire hazard.

A homeowner suggested we hire a common dumpster for owners’ yard debris.

Charlie Rice clears driveways if the city doesn’t clear them after they clear the streets.

Jerry explained the latest design of the east/west connector south of PHOA.

Had discussion about vagrants; we can only call the police if the vagrants are on our property or on the property directly east of the canal.

Jerry addressed sidewalks; some money came from a developer.  He would like to see sidewalks continued to the church’s existing sidewalk.

A neighbor is seeking an attorney’s opinion regarding Larry Swenson’s unsightly property.

Election of officers.  We had three volunteers:

Rolf Armstrong

Andy Stearns

Scott Young

The meeting ended at 2:46 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Burton A. Lauray, Secretary




Annual Meeting

October 11, 2003


Meeting commenced at 10:06 am. At New Hope Church.

Due to the absence of last year's minutes, the reading was dispensed with.

Common area discussion ensued:

  1. President Jerry described the location of common areas,
  2. Described current landscape maintenance activities,
  3. Homeowner described extent of some dead trees,
  4. Discussion of permissive activities ensued including landscaping,
  5. Homeowner indicated there was a dying tree in the common area behind Fircrest Knoll


Sewer system discussion

Andy Lindsay - Engineering Department for City of Bend

Described the procedure to hook up sewers in a defined area,

  1. Establish a local improvement district
  2. Ask for petition for connection
  3. Pay fee of $1,000
  4. City will circulate homeowners and canvas homeowners
  5. 50% yes votes - he will estimate the cost
  6. Will request approval of homeowners


Cost of sewer hookup,

  1. $10,000 for installation of project
  2. $1,500 approximate hook up cost
  3. Cost can be borrowed under Bancroft bonds - bonds sold and repaid over 10 years with interest
  4. Some cost can be defrayed due to age of homeowner
  5. Timeline is 1 year until construction if all goes well


Use of common area for sewer lines is an option

Had a complaint of a loud party on Trailblazer in a rental.  Decision was to wait and see if it is a trend.  If it continues, several homeowners may approach the renters.

Had some discussion of proposed Murphy Road connection from Brookswood Blvd.

Limited discussion on lack of City of Bend follow through for building a divider on Pinebrook Blvd.  The divider would have prevented dangerous U turns on the street.  The church was against placing the divider, which caused enough delay so that $5,000 of state money was lost.

Activities of Board members were discussed and volunteers for the Board were requested.

Frans Hager of Fircrest Knoll volunteered.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Burton Lauray



No data


Pinebrook Homeowners Association

October minutes 2001

Meeting began at 7:00 pm

Board members present:      Jerry Watson, Mark Reed, Rick Slough, Paul Dilday.

Nadine Kenney has given up her position on the   board for personal reasons.


  • Minutes from previous annual meeting was read and approved.
  • No old business was brought up.


  • Under new business the finance report was read.  It was decided to roll over $20,000 from the CD to a new CD for 6 month, and the balance to be placed into checking account.  Mail box stations will be surveyed in the next new letter to determined if members would use them or want them.  The board is working on guidelines for requests to purchase commons ground. 
  • The business meeting was adjourned.


  • Pinebrook traffic meeting was open with guests:  Bob Bryant – ODOT, Robin Lewis, Deborah Hogan, ____________ – City of Bend, Andy Jordan – Police Dept. _________ - SWBNA. 

Subject of the meeting is Speed and car volume on Pinebrook.
It was decided that:  1. ODOT will look at possible changes at Pinebrook and the Parkway (no left turns).  2. City will engineer changes to Pinebrook to slow traffic and reduce volume (speed bump, Raised cross walks, signage).

  • Meeting ended at approximately 9:00 pm

Submitted by Jerry Watson


October 19, 1999       

Minutes of Pinebrook Homeowners Association annual meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. By President Burt Lauray.

     Parkway update information indicates that Pinebrook will be open, with a traffic light and will be a right-on/right-off intersection.  There will not be a berm south of Pinebrook.  East of Echo Hollow and Parkside will be landscaped with 60 9-foot trees and 400 various trees and shrubs.  Planting to begin this month and will be guaranteed.  Private property east of subdivision is zoned multi-family and we have no say in development unless the owner seeks a zone change.  North of Pinebrook 40-50 seedling trees have been planted.  Commons areas between homes have been planted with 300 seedlings.  Trees were provided by a volunteer.
     Traffic flow operates under city rules.  The city requires, at an intersection, that vegetation be cleared between two feet and eight feet from ground level.  Visibility must be clear within thirty feet of the intersection.
     Noxious weed information was handed out and will be sent to all homeowners.  Joanne Watson will check with the city for their responsibility regarding their right-of-way.
     Patching has been done on Deer Valley and Hitching Post.  Matt Verdieck will do a street inspection and contact Public Works to see if repairing can be put on the city schedule.
     One-sixth acre (approximately) of commons area has been sold to the Parkway project for $6,500.00.
     Speed bumps or undulators on Pinebrook were discussed.  Traffic counts have been made.  Steve Wilson at ODOT probably has the count.  Out residents probably account for 5%-15% of the traffic.
     Burt reported that expenses for 1999 were about $3600.00.  Dues were questioned but the Board had determined to not lower or eliminate dues for the current year.  Additional snow removal or plowing is paid by the hour.  Plowers are responsible for damages.
     New volunteer board  members are Nadine Kenney and Carol Oatman.  A motion was made by Howard Miller to accept the nominees.  Motion seconded by Tom Neff.  Motion carried.  Other board members are Rich Slough, Mark Reed, and Jerry Watson.
Other interests from the floor:
     Help for our elder neighbors this winter such as driveways.
     An association directory.
     A block-party this next summer.
     Roats Water property is having some surveying done.
     Night harassment, no new information.
     A new subdivision is being built north of the nursery.
The meeting adjourned at 8:07 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Watson, Board Member